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Hello, everyone. 


Hello, everyone. 

My name is MIKI(海響), The kanji ”海” means sea, “響” means “echo”.
I am a Japanese film director.

After my first career as a bodywork therapist, I started the activities as a Crystal Singing Bowls player in 2009 and have released seven albums, five of which are available on the streaming services.  

One day, I got an inspiration as if I was struck by lightning, which made me think that I have to make a film. Then, I produced the first film “Planet of Love: Message from the Universe” in 2019 despite having had no knowledge of filmmaking. 

Subsequently, the next film” Planet of love : Message from the Universe Ⅱ” was released in 2021.

Fortunately, the second film achieved “Best Awaken Award” at Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2023.

I decided to set up a blog in English to reach more people and promote these films. 

This blog is dedicated to various expressions including films, art, and spiritual articles.

I hope you enjoy them.